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In the previous article , we looked into blue light from the consumers’ perspective. The Gunnars definitely look cool, but they don’t suit me as well as the green ones do. The Phenom looks a lot like the glasses that Yu Narukami wears in Persona 4, however, so if you need something for your cosplay outfit, they might work. GUNNAR patented lens technology reduces glare, and Absorbs and reflects high-energy blue light that can strain your eyes and disrupt your sleep cycle.

They can cost anywhere from $69 to more than $100 — a pretty steep price to pay for a pair of gaming glasses. I usually work an calibrated monitor in dim natural light and everything is fine (the right font and aliasing settings help a lot too). This is another big and obvious advantage as far as these glasses are concerned. The second big advantage that gaming glass manufacturers claim is that they are actually good for your health! The secretly placed spring hinges allows the frame of the gaming glasses to adjust to any shape and size of the head of its user. GUNNAR lens coatings reduce glare and reflective light to eliminate visual distraction and stress.

If this is something you’re considering, then it’s important that your glasses look sensible enough to be worn around the office, and not like something out of a Sci-Fi adventure. The downside is that you’ll need to order these directly from the manufacturer after supplying a prescription or through a licensed optical retailer.

In case you don’t know what gaming glasses are, we’ll start with a quick lesson: these are specifically designed glasses for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Anti-reflective coating brands for prescription (and non-prescription) glasses include Crizal, Zeiss, and Teflon. When there’s no time to blink, MLG PHANTOM gaming glasses by GUNNAR doesn’t disappoint. Smite is a competitive game, fitting in with the targeted audience of gaming glasses, so it made sense.

In terms of build quality, glasses are typically somewhat delicate but I didn’t notice any scratches, frame distortion or general ‘cheapness’ in the SteelSeries pair that I tested. The J+S Vision Blues were definitely the best set of gaming glasses we looked at, and we had no choice but to give them the number 1 spot on our list. Anyway I eventually bought these things anyway only because I trust Amazon to take them back if they are rubbish. Drop us a note below or call us and our eSportRx opticians will help you create your custom gaming glasses for your games.

They are a quality product and while the cheap/generic brands one do work they are typically gaudy and poorly made. At only 20 grams, these glasses are super-lightweight, and the curvature of the glass protects the eye from light even coming from the side. I’m assuming that the yellow filters the blue, and that’s basically all there is to it. Assuming that’s true (somebody below said he grabbed cheap hunting glasses that worked exactly as well as https://glassysunhaters.com/ Gunnars), there’s really no reason to go for one of these specialized brands. They also have screen protectors for gaming systems like the 3DS that filter out the blue light before it gets to your eyes. The Onyx glasses also look too much like gun-range eyewear for me to use them every day. Different frames with Premium Rx lenses range from $319 to $369, and glasses with the step-down Standard Rx prescription lenses can be found for $219 to $299.